Mountain Weather

July 13

The team just called via satellite phone with an update from Camp 3.  The weather window they were hoping for never materialized and due to dangerous snow conditions they had to turn back from their summit attempt at 7400 meters.  They have been waiting out a snow storm for the past couple of days at Camp 3.  Despite wishing they had a bit more food and better weather everyone is healthy and feeling good.  They plan to descend the fixed lines from Camp 3 and return to Base Camp in the next couple of days at which point they will send a full dispatch of the past week on the mountain.


1 Response to “Mountain Weather”

  1. 1 emilyturner
    July 14, 2008 at 8:56 am

    K and I and everyone else,
    Sorry that I’ve only just now figured out how to reply! It’s been so fun keeping an eye on you guys and this incredible adventure. What you’ve done amazes me…I hope you’re as proud as we are back home. Now get hurry up and get back here…the lake is WARM and the trails are ripping! xoxo, em

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